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NOTE: SUMMER 2019:' has been updated to reflect the current 6.x release.

Major new functionality changes in all aspects of the show tools suite. MST has been heavily optimized to perform well in high crowd, high potential lag environments. Additionally setup steps have been streamlined and many new features added in every component, including the ability to operate with a seperate HUD product for people who prefer HUD-based usage.


MetaHarper Show Tools is a complete, collaborative system for managing SL performances. If you need to rez and de-rez props safely and accurately, move objects and avatars smoothly, script camera zooms and pans, choreograph animations and special effects with real time precision, then you have found the right toolkit.

I created this set of tools to promote the performing arts and creative exhibitions within SL and attempt to enable truly collaborative work, where a group of cooperating individuals can work on the same objects at the same time. Normally in-world creation tools are difficult to share with people other than the owner, but this tool suite attempts to break these barriers.

These tools have been used for years to run weekly multimedia shows across the grid, large annual acclaimed performances, and as part of exhibits in the Linden Endowment for the Arts regions.

The MetaHarper Show Tools package contains a number of modular components that can be used individually or together, as you wish. The full online documentation of how to use them can be found at and you may wish to take a look there first.

These tools are powerful, and require some careful reading and/or experimentation to take greatest advantage. The target audience for these tools are individuals or groups with some moderate technical ability, attempting to reliably automate sequences of events (camera actions, avatar movements, object rezzing, object movements, avatar animations, etc).

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  • Rezzing optimized for live performances
  • Camera Control and Machinema
  • Group Animation and Movement Choreography
  • Automation of stage FX and avatar outfit changes
  • Collaborative Design

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Fantastic tool for professional set development.

Postado(s) 14/07/2015 por Tozh Taurog 5 estrelas

Amazingly powerful and versatile tool. You don't have to use all of the features at once - I only used the camera and rezzers for a project, and it makes a huge difference. Rezzing and de-rezzing objects in sequence to change decorations for the scene is a breeze. Even if you can do your own scripting, it's so much easier to have it centralized. Very easy timeline structure and it allows choice of absolute or relative timing too. You can even send chat commands to the set if you have additional effects.

My favorite feature is camera control. It adds instant polish to anything, and it's a lifesaver in lag. You can set it up to pan smoothly from one point of view to another, to show off the right parts of your set. You could probably rez a plywood cube and with a few camera tricks it can look fabulous.

For anyone who has ever choreographed a timed performance - you simply take your set timeline and add the right tags, described very clearly in documentation. Very intuitive. The tool really makes you want to do more. It's well structured and well-documented.

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