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A FREE FULL PERM Solution for Keeping NSFW Avatars off Child Sims and Child Avatars Off NSFW Sims!

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Only got to explain

Postado(s) 22/10/2020 por Alastair Loorden 2 estrelas

This is great on the surface, except the fact lol 99% of SL Kids use adult heads and sometimes clothing for oversized shirts to be cute.. there is allot of unforeseen issues that are narrow minded and can be used to grief.. I have both a kid and adult I use the same head because ones is the kid and the other is the adult, just and older looking version of myself.. and not all adult bodies and kid bodies fall under an age tab.. Rebirth uses the same mesh for its genders and ages all in one body.

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Postado(s) 20/06/2018 por ColbyDark 5 estrelas

he idea is very platonic in a way that protecting your sims reputation at any cost is what matters the most. Even if it means annoying or disgruntling the kid avi community. Despite it saying that kid avis can be in adult sims is just irrational and gives leeway to making them think its ok to ageplay. Some people disagree but 100% with the creators on this one. Kid avis should stay within the confines of g and m rated sims.

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Omega Solutions
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