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Updated to 2.1.3 March 31, 2011.


As they say, knowledge is power. Omicron 2 utilizes the latest in LSL functionality and web-based information databases to help you organize and manage data about where you've been, what you've seen, who was there and what they did. Think of it as having a very bright friend with a perfect memory. Want to know where that store was last week when you and your friend saw that great hair? No problem. Where and when you last saw someone? Piece of cake. Who knocked you down a mountain with a 5-meter phallus? Omicron 2 knows.

Situational Awareness

Radar is good for knowing who's around. It's also nice not to clutter your precious screen space with yet more windows. And it's really nice to know precisely where avatars are and what they're up to, and if they appear to be interested in coming to be your new friend. Omicron 2 has you covered. And, while able to track avatars anywhere inside of and around a sim, it can also do so by tapping the data stream from Second Life clients such as Phoenix.

Low Prim, Low Lag

Power is great – unless it makes your teleports fail, turns regions to molasses and makes you the enemy of estate managers. At only 992 kilobytes of memory use, Omicron 2 is a total lightweight for script count and resource use.

Automatic Self-Repair

Few things make a scripted item more annoying than when a script in it crashes. Omicron 2 keeps an eye on itself, watching for script problems. If one is detected, it will alert you and perform an automated self-repair. This repair will bring your Omicron back to normal function in a matter of seconds, and you don't have to do a thing.

"Griefing" Protection

Nobody likes to get picked on. Omicron 2 offers move-lock, non-physical avatar protection, three types of shielding including the new and innovative Satellite Shield system and extensive attack reporting facilities to identify and thwart "griefers" and attackers. And once thwarted, you can choose to remove such pests from the region, and keep them out.


Fear not the creepy people. Omicron 2 can detect, identify and point out scripted chat bugs and scanners without even breaking a sweat. It'll even log them and tell you who the owner is, even if they're sneaky spy devices and disappear before you get a chance to inspect them.


Fancy a little of the old ultraviolence? Omicron 2 is down with that. Hit them hard, hit them fast, hit them all at once, and persist in your offensiveness while staying cool and protected.

Sim Management

Hey, it's your party, and you'll sing if you want to. Omicron 2 can not only keep an eye on all the guests, but throw out the party crashers like a discrete, though ferociously strong bouncer.

Did we Mention Convergence?

Omicron 2 even has a ZHAO II compatible animation overrider inside, just to free up one more spot on your crowded screen.

Web Services

You've come a long way, baby. And by baby, we mean the Linden Scripting Language. While it's gotten better, sometimes you just need more. Things like persistent memory, massive storage, and a tidy user interface. Omicron 2's back end is a suite of custom-made web services to let you do more, better and faster than can be done with LSL alone.


Got things you want to rez, right now, without going through your chaotic inventory? (Don't feel bad, it happens to us all.) No problem. Omicron 2 can not only store and give you on-demand object rezzing, but it can do so for one or multiple objects, and even keep them aligned. Want to rez your favourite car? No problem. How about your favourite skybox with all the furnishings? Absolutely.


As well as its groundbreaking history functions, Omicron 2 allows you to teleport to your camera position, or via the sensor display, to other avatars and objects. Or use the easy Transfer function, put some of your favourite landmarks inside and access them all in an instant.

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full star full star empty star empty star empty star Posted October 06, 2013 by Hi Spicy

not bad

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full star full star empty star empty star empty star Posted August 01, 2013 by Folfy Snowfall

I really wish I could get my money back. It's just not what I expected it to be after all the praise from the reviews.

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