OnP Swimwear HUD for Maitreya Lara Usage

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OnP HUD for adding Clothing layers to Maitreya Lara and Belleza Venus mesh body (sold separately)

This is not a mesh body, but it is a product that works with one that you purchase separately. And these products inside this HUD are not mesh. They are instead the layers of clothing that you may need, depending on our HUD, for underclothes, or something you wish skin tight and simple like swimwear or tops.

The Mesh Revolution

We certainly do applaud the mesh revolution on Second Life and are also amazed at how well some of the mesh bodies are made. In particular, we have seen and like the Maitreya Lara mesh body (sold separately by them) or the Belleza Venus mesh Body (sold separately by them). Several who work at our mall now have purchased these mesh bodies.

So what does this Hud do?

It can add clothing layers beneath or in place of mesh clothing. And we try to keep this hud at a reasonable price. Just click the HUD in your inventory, ensure your Second life browser is adjusted to full screen (HUDs depend on placement on a full screen - and will be a bit off or far off with a partial screen). Then just click the color and or choice that you wish. The Mesh software will then ask what layer you wish to put the item with? Tattoo layer? (bottom layer), underwear layer (middle layer) or clothing (top layer).

Is this an odd thing to do? Most users of mesh seem to already combine their nice mesh outer clothes with clothing layers like these made by HUDs already. We just decided to try and offer some alternatives, at what we consider a reasonable price.

Why the Shorts and the Flexi Skirt option?

While we applaud the use of mesh in Second Life, and believe it might be the single largest improvement ever, we still think different types of clothes have their purpose for the independent minded shopper. And the reason for that is, no one type of clothes, including mesh, can do "everything" that you or I may wish. Now yes, that could change some day. Here are the different kinds of clothes that a mesh body can wear:

* Clothes layers - as done by a HUD such as this one. Clothing layers are skin tight and follow your body movements and do not add extra unwanted size or weight. We believe that these have their place, for underwear, for nylons, but also for swimwear and also tops where you may wish the clothes to be skin tight.
* Prim Wear - includes as just some examples: flexi har, flexi skirts, prim sculpted high heels, and more. Flexi is a big part of Second Life for some of us since it adds realism since some days our body may move, but our hair or skirt or gown may take a bit longer to catch up. At this time, mesh to our knowledge, does not do flexi.
* Mesh wear - includes mesh body parts, bull mesh bodies and mesh clothes. The bodies in our opinion can add much in both realism and beauty. The clothes at times as well. However, mesh clothes by themselves are not enough for some of us. We may want skin tight wear, or flexi, and at least some mesh clothing does not as yet do that.

And so, that is why we try to provide a flexi skirt option that would work with the shorts in this Formal Tops Hud. It is for those who agree with us, perhaps, that all three SL clothes types - layers, prim wear and mesh, have their place in usage on mesh bodies. But of course, the real judge of this is you. We just help provide the option.

New Flexi Skirt Customer Adjustment

We of course have our own software for making flexi skirts designed and even sold by ourselves. We decided that customers may also wish to modify flexi skirts that they buy, to customize the top opening for their hips and front to back size. And so we include with each flexi skirt with this customer software that when you click on the flexi skirt, it can allow you to change:

* The opening in the top, adjusting it for the part of your avatar where you wish to attach it
* The length (up down), width (side to side) and depth (inward to outward) size of the flexi skirt pieces
* The amount of "flexi" in the skirt - how closely it follows you, or how much it flows and drags behind you

Since the skirts are also copy = yes, that means you can make many flexi skirts out of these, and if you wish, modify the copies for color and or texture. Also, when done adjusting the flexi skirts to your needs, you of course can also remove the script and the notecard information inside so as to be kind to sim owners and not have yet another script in a crowded place - if you wish. The notecard inside? When you click on the skirt to get a customer menu, one of the options is "INFO" for getting instructions on how to adjust the skirt.

Information on usage of course is supplied with the products

Hope you enjoy!

Suzie Larsen and Hunter Bronet
for OnP Owl and Pussycat
in SL Tissela and on SL Marketplace



  • Simple Hud with many options
  • Often several color choices
  • Reasonably Priced (out opinion)
  • Uses Mesh Layers for mostly under mesh clothing
  • Includes flexi skirt option and 9 flexi skirts in textured colors

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