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After well over half a year of development, the V1.0 Dvalinn Deer is finally complete!

Current version is 1.05

We are proud to present the Dvalinn in his finalized form - sporting full Bento support powered by around 130 different animations, as well as tons of small features and variations that really bring this character to life.

Standing a full 40% larger than the average SL avatar, this gorgeously hand-painted stag will be certain to make you stick out from the crowd.

The full changelog would be a bit too big to put here, but the notable functionality and feature list is as follows;

- Full Bento support; use the HUD to customize your face, pose your hands, stick out your tongue, or enable idle hand/ear animations - 130~ animations in total!
- Four skin variations, as well as support for adding in third-party reskin mods
- Complex alpha masking menus, making the avatar easy to mod and work with without having to unlink parts or use the build menu
- Access to the raw .blend and .psd files, making complex modding a breeze!
- Two tail versions
- Four antler versions
- Fifteen hand poses!
- Countless minor bugfixes, tweaks, and modelling/texturing upgrades!

If you discover any bugs or issues in this update, please contact Epicgordon Broome.

The update is free, and if you failed to receive yours, a redelivery can be picked up from Yggdrasil.

Texture .PSD's can be grabbed from http://orangenonsense.tumblr.com/post/129022473475/orange-nova-avatar-resources

We hope you enjoy this avatar, and if you do, please let us know in the reviews!

- Kampfisken



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Looks good but

Postado(s) 12/03/2020 por TheSlendermane 3 estrelas

This model is great, but I have multiple glaring issues with it. 1st It has extremely poor clothing selection, and many of the wearable items that I've bought from other vendors meant specifically for this Dvalinn model have awful clipping issues I can't resolve even when adjusting my shape. 2nd the model doesn't have any nipples, I had to buy nipples from another vendor for 200L, the body feels too barebones without them and having to spend 200L JUST to have male nipples feels like slap in the face. 3rd The size is way too large, most SL couple animations become awkward. I'd prefer if it was toned down. The size of the neck is an overkill, which wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't using a horse mod that causes clipping when the neck is too short/thin. The torso is extremely thick, mainly the chest itself is so thick that all my animation overrides look silly because of arms phasing into it. Please, someone recommend me an AO which works well with this model, I couldn't find any AO specifically made for this bento model and I've tried a lot of different AO's to see which one looks good, but with no luck.

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Nice one !

Postado(s) 21/08/2019 por Lahtinen 5 estrelas

I love this Dvalinn Deer ! But I notice that I my Right ear doesn't work if I click on.

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