*NEW* Animated-Mesh Attachment-Pet SKELETON Versão 5.02

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SPECIAL Limited-Time PROMO - only $250

• ANIMATED-MESH Attachment-Pet Skeleton (normally wear, but can also rez)
- - its animation uses human BVH animation files (9 included [good purchased animations, not freebies] )
- - owner can touch the pet to switch its standing animation (stands, or dances)
- - while attached, the Pet will animate 'walk' if/when your avatar center turns or walks
- - *premium* SL members can attach 2 AniMesh objects (regular members only one)
• Owner can also rez one or more pets and leave them out
- - when rezzed (instead of worn) they will no longer move with the owner

1) WATCH IT ! - Click "Watch it in action" right below the image up above (a short animated GIF)

2) WATCH IT ! - Click the "View Video" at bottom of this page (a longer MP4 video on YouTube).

This is a *TOTALLY NEW* SecondLife "ANIMATED-Mesh" product !!
- It uses the new S.L. "Ani-Mesh" capability already shipped in SL-Viewer-6.0+ or FireStorm-6.0+

NOTE that these AniMesh Pets ship as physically MODIFY (and COPY), but...
- - - SL Ani-Mesh ignores in-world edited size change and draws the Ani-Mesh object at its PREDEFINED SIZE
- - - scripts are no-modify

These Pets use a good low-poly mesh and textures to be an attractive 3D implementation while its hand-selected LODs keep prims (Land Impact) as low as practical. Its one movement script and exploitation of new "Ani-Mesh" animation keeps lag to a minimum.

You can try it in-world at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Exotic%20Forest/190/127/2201
- - - Please come and take it for a walk

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  • ANIMATED-MESH SKELETON Attachment-Pet (rez one or several)
  • animation uses human BVH animation files
  • attaches to owner avatar center
  • when owner walks, the pet animated walks
  • when owner stands, the pet stands (or dances)

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Postado(s) 25/11/2020 por britt087 5 estrelas

I love it works great

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YAYYY and way cool.

Postado(s) 29/10/2020 por seashellgrace 5 estrelas

Just purchased this cute little guy after seeing him around the grid. I give this guy or gal a 5 star. :)

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