Paladin's Antique 1890 Oil Lamp with adjustable wick and flame Versão 1.3

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Paladin's 1890 Oil Lamp
with a working, adjustable wick, flame, and smoke

This reproduction of an antique oil lamp, circa 1890, is so realistic you'll reach for a match. Just turn the wick raiser knob by holding or clicking to adjust the flame from low and romantic to high and illuminating. The amount of light it gives off, and the surrounding area that is lit, change according to the height of the flame.

Click the body of the lamp to toggle the flame off and on. The lamp will remember your last setting when you light it again. And when the flame goes out, a realistic wisp of smoke rises from the chimney.

Beautifully textured and made with completely original parts, this lamp looks and acts like no other in SL. The sculpted chimney is more delicate and finely turned than the ones found in common builder's sculpt packs, and is faithful to the real life original. Please do look at the extra pictures to fully appreciate the detail of this unique lamp.

Permissions are copy/mod, except for the script which is locked. In inventory you will see "no mod" because of the script, but the lamp itself is modifiable. It's so pretty, we bet you won't want to though.



  • Real working wick control, just touch the wick raiser knob
  • Several levels of flame and light allow the perfect atmosphere
  • Remembers your last setting for instant on/off control
  • Detailed textures and delicately sculpted glasswork for realism
  • Add romance and authentic lighting to your Victorian home

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