{Papillon} [Boxed] 6-Month Bird-Accessory Pair

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One 6-Month Birdy Bird (3 LI)
One 6-Month Helpful Birdy (3 LI)

Birdy Bird – This ravenous little bird loves to nibble on spiders, and actively seeks them out in up to sixteen plants nearby where it’s placed. It also has a tendancy to spread around the pollen left by bees, further pollenating the plants. As an added bonus, the security a birdy bird supplies helps easy to worries of the other nearby pets, increasing loyalty and morale by a small amount as if it were a Bard.

Helpful Bird – These interesting little birds love to sort through your clovers, nettles, and other patches in search of little beetles and other bugs that may have been nibbling on the roots, and helps tend them for you in the process, acting like a gardening hoe every few hours. They also have the added benefit of prying away unwanted weeds while hunting out these bugs, which will significantly help the upcoming breedable plants.



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