Paws - Feline Head [Boxed]

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Full mesh head comes with everything pictured including shading texture and guide that can be exported to make texturing and modding easy!

This is not an update to the previous canine head but just a different design



  • Blinking Eyes
  • Moving Jaw
  • Eyelashes
  • Whiskers

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It's good.

Postado(s) 26/02/2021 por Posterous 4 estrelas

It's slightly misaligned, but a simple slight rotation fixes that. As far as having no eyes are concerned, I see alot of negative reviews about eyes popping out of the head, but linking a pair of eye directly to the head fixes that too. If you try to use eyes on the actual eye attachment, then yeah they pop out, so link them instead. Overall I'm satisfied with it! :D

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Not complete

Postado(s) 11/02/2021 por NaraPhox 2 estrelas

I did know when I bought this that it came with no eyes, however, the eye socket design means no eyes work with it without getting creative and making them the right shape, sphere will NOT work with this without the eyes moving outside of the head when you look about.

I regret my purchase which was awhile back because of the fact that a head has eyes just like 10+10=20 and Earth is round just like every other round thing we see out there in space.. so yes, you are buying an incomplete product here and you will have a hard time finding eyes that will work out of box if at all, I haven't found any third party eyes made specifically for this head either which is annoying. The creator should have at least made some basic eyes available on the side as a purchase for like L$50 or something.. but nope, instead here ya go, something that you can look at and admire but not really use, put it on the shelf or something, doesn't it look purty?!

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