Pentax K-1000 Camera

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A complete remake of one of Catboy's greatest sellers, the Pentax K-1000. Comes with a control HUD to make it easier to use. Resize animation HUD control to use animations for diffirent sized avatars and comes in three settings; large, medium, or small.

Comes with second model (non-scripted) you wear on a strap around the neck.

This is a huge improvement over the previous model. This remake has nearly ten times as many prims as the old model. Sculpted prim detail. Much better looking sculptie neck strap. Better animation. Looks better on avatars of diffirent sizes.




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It's an old build, not perfect but pretty good and easy to improve.

Postado(s) 08/01/2020 por Karrie Kweller 3 estrelas

I bought this to use as a photo prop and also because my first 35mm SLR in RL was a Pentax K1000. I'm very familiar with the real thing. As I write this in January 2020 I see reviews that are ten years old. This camera was made before mesh and before materials so it has a very high LI and the textures could look better. In fact it's mostly just colored prims, which is good news because they're easy to improve. The first thing to know is that the camera body is too wide. The real camera is about 143mm wide and this is about 176mm, which makes it noticeably large. The lens and the sculpted center section that holds the lens is about correct size - slightly large but not nearly as oversize as the body width. This is easily edited if you have basic SL building skills. Just move the lens, the big sculpted center section, the flash shoe, the viewfinder and the lens release button closer to the knob with the ASA settings on it. Then you can stretch the body prims to be closer to the 143mm they should be. The side with the film winder knob should be shorter than the side with the film advance lever, ASA knob and shutter button. You can Google photos of the real camera to see how it should look. Then you just move the film winder knob, strap link and the prims this has to cover the sides over to be where they're supposed to be. You can add a black disk prim inside the lens at the back so it doesn't show up light blue as you see in the pic and then you can tweak the metallic and clear surfaces with materials to make them more realistic. Finally you can find images that have the correct K1000 logo and make one to replace the lettering this comes with. It means putting an hour or two into this but it makes an excellent and very realistic looking prop once you do. All the hard stuff has already been done for you and it's already pretty close the way it comes. If you're looking for a realistic 35mm SLR (film; not digital) put the time in and you'll be very happy with this.

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Need to upack and oh yeah, NO COPY

Postado(s) 25/08/2014 por MaraJade01 2 estrelas

I was very excited when the page said no need to land or sandbox, unpacked already, well, I got it off marketplace and it was packed, so in a place I can rez stuff, found out it was no copy and the land said I can't rez it for some odd reason and now it is lost, I lost 120 Lindons. I would love the camera, looks amazing, wish I had redelivery. I give it a two because it looks amazing and it was what I was looking for, but the no copy thing got to me.

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