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➤ This bookselves is NO COPY. If you purchased this no copy bookselves and want to upgrade to the copy version (2,800L$), buy it on the marketplace at your convenience, message us afterwards, and we will refund you the 800L$ you paid for the no copy version:

100% Original Mesh - Materials enabled!

▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ NEW! █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂

Creating this library has taken more than 6 month to complete, we are excited to share it with you!
What you get:
●1 Prim complete library with 300 animations, dozens of books, pillows, lighting, book ends, female bust, etc
●1 Prim medium library section (2 pieces)
●1 Prim corner library section (2 pieces)
●1 Prim small library section (2 pieces)
●Over 300 animations
●Over 40 Textures
●Comes with several extra 1 prim library pieces so you can fill an entire wall with your library.
●Sits 2 avatars
●Library RP animations (organizing animations)
●Highly detailed book ends, female bust, books, shine, wood, pillows, light, etc
●Shadows part of the prim
●Perfect size to fit almost* any space!
●Control group/public/owner access separately for the texture changer & the animations
●Control specularity and bump maps through menu
●Control full bright through menu
●Completely unique idea in SL!

***********PLEASE READ************

This library is 1 prim only. When you use the library animations, it rezzes a shell which you sit on. The shell is 1 prim extra but deletes itself when you are not sitting or press the STOP button. This is absolutely necessary because SL requires 1 prim per seated avatar.

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I like the bookcases, but ...

Postado(s) 29/07/2019 por Imagene3 4 estrelas

I like the bookcases themselves, very few prim and nice looking. Also highly adjustable. Perhaps I have done something wrong, but I found only about five animations for one avatar. Perhaps all of the others are for multiple avatars. If your camera is not near the bookcases, they disappear. Also, when you move the furniture little boxes appear and hang around. So, I like the product but I guess I expected a little more after reading the description from the business. It also could be that I don't know that much about the nature of these products.

Absolutely Amazing!

Postado(s) 29/06/2019 por Palakula 5 estrelas

This library is meticulously planned and thought out. The quality is absolutely amazing and the service provided by these people is by far one of the best I've ever had. If you are looking for a good modular library with low LI, great animations, textures and quality then this is the one for you.


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