Reception desk, Lobby Astoria - 32 animations [mesh]

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Modern lobby reception with accessories.

The reception desk has 4 animations.
Every desk chair has 8 desk animations.
Sofas have 20 different sit animations (female, male, unisex)

Desktop computer and laptop are multifunctional.

- Screens work like any web browser (touchscreen) - launch your chosen website. You can browse the web every site you want ad watch in full-screen mode.

- Send and receive real Email to people outside of SL.
- Visitor Tracker: look who visited your home, store, land or club. Set the range and you receive full list even if you are offline. (You will get mail about this.)
- Avatar Scanner
- Calculator
Also, can deliver Sl new or search land and more.

All parts are copy-modify.

Set contains:
Reception desk - LI - 3
2 Desk chairs - LI - 4 each
Laptop - LI - 3
PC case - LI 2
Monitor - LI 2
Keyboard - LI - 7
Mouse - LI - 1
Printer - LI - 2
Phone - LI - 4
Cellphone - Li - 1
News - LI - 2
Notification board - Li - 1
Pen - LI - 1
2 Sofas - LI - 8 each
Table - LI - 3
Magazines - LI - 2
Vase - Li - 1
2 Plants - Li - 3 each
Letters and numbers for your logo - LI 1 each

Total prims: 64

Furniture 011

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best ever

Postado(s) 25/12/2016 por Sasemi 5 estrelas

I am fully impressed by this desk. Ok, so it's not so much the furniture as the computers. My staff loves them. You rez out a computer for each person, have them log into the pc first. It gives them their own email address for the system. Then they can email each other (and check them irl). I wish they could sign out and sign in to any pc but the laptops are low prims and they don't cause lag, so I'm ok w my staff having one of their own rezzed out somewhere in the hospital. As far as the desk itself and chairs, the animations are great and it doesn't look clunky.

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Furniture 011
Furniture 011
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Vendido por: Jasmina Weezles
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This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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