Rochambeau Terrain Textures 2.0 (1024 and 512)

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Please read and understand permissions for these textures BEFORE purchasing. They are primarily meant to be used on terrain. I also offer a full-perm set for builders


-Second life now allows for 1024x1024 sized textures for Terrain. This means that the detail can be twice as much as the previous 512x512. However, I have found not all viewers allow for them to be uploaded to the terrain yet, so try using a different viewer to upload them if you are having trouble, or use the 512x512 textures if you must. You will notice the change in quality almost instantly at near photo quality.

-This pack of textures was mostly put together from photos I took up north from where I live. They are all seamless and very high quality that should help add a lot of depth to your sim.

-For the textures to look their best though, do not stretch the terrain too much or they will appear blurry. A fair amount of smooth hills will produce the best overall appearance. Also, not all the textures will blend well together if there are very dark ones used next to a very light one.

-Buyers may use these textures on their own sims and in their builds, but may not distribute them freely or sell them.



  • 1024x1024 size for Double the Terrain Detail

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I came back!

Postado(s) 29/08/2015 por Storey Opaque 5 estrelas

I bought this texture pack before on a different avatar. YES, they are non-trans!! Well, that's OK with me. I knew that when I bought them the first time. I tried others, but nothing compares to these. The 1024 textures have massive detail and aren't nearly as hard on the eyes with the repeats at a distance like other seamless terrain textures I have used. Up close, I can almost feel this grass between my toes! OH! And they add tons of depth beneath my 3 dimensional plants and grasses. They also come in a handy set for all elevations, and seasons with the proper colors and tones that WORK TOGETHER! So you don't have to dig through SL Marketplace looking for consistency It's all in this box.

No, this particular pack doesn't have the right permission for sellers, but homeowners and non-sellers, give these a chance. Trust me. I am ashamed I ever second guessed my first MORE than satisfied experience. So I came back and BOUGHT THEM AGAIN! I used them for all sorts of projects around the house back then, and I will again now. I LOVE THIS TEXTURE PACK! I am proud to display my 1024 Rochambeau textures on my landscapes and personal projects. And now that there are mesh landscaping features you can use without terrain modding rights, how can you go wrong with this pack?

Complaining about having to apply to every face? WHAT? 3 seconds of work for 5+ stars worth of awesome? HAPPY TO DO IT!

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Terrain textures 2.0 (1024 and 512)

Postado(s) 01/09/2012 por Che Joubert 3 estrelas

In general photo derived plants look too artificial and I don't use them, but I hadn't bought new textures in years and really hoped these photo textures would be different. Unfortunately no. These textures area too brilliant and almost garrish next to the plants and rocks I have now. Some people might like that, but it takes lot of care to keep that very quality out of a whole sim. I won't give them a low rating because some people might like the look.

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