SF::~JJ~ Heat Regulator

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Thank you for your interest in this exciting collaborative product from Scarlet Fey and ~Jeanette's Joint~ and for your participation in what we do! I hope you find this item to be very rewarding.


What's in this kit:

SF::~JJ~ Heat Regulator (Battle Worn)
SF::~JJ~ Heat Regulator (Tintable)
SF::~JJ~ Heat Regulator HUD

Wear or Add the Heat Regulator of your choice to attach it to the default attachment point or attach the item to a compatible attachment point of your preference. You can edit the item (resize/reposition) for your preferred fit. You may want to edit the attached item at the default attachment point for a better fit as well. The Heat Regulator is copy/mod so you can make copies, attach them and edit them at your discretion.

To adjust the color of your Heat Regulator (Tintable) you can attach the included HUD. The HUD has color controls that you can use to tint the hull or core colors independently. The hull of the Battle Worn version cannot be tinted with the HUD but the core can! If either the hull or core buttons are dimmed on the HUD that section will not be adjusted by the HUD when you select a color. You can toggle the hull and core buttons on and off to select which sections you want the HUD to tint. There is an additional button on the HUD that can be touched to toggle the fan on or off manually.

Wearing a Nanite Systems controller puts the Heat Regulator into Nanite Systems mode. When this mode is selected you can still use the HUD to adjust the hull color of the Heat Regulator but your Nanite Systems LightBus will set the color of the core. This will occur automatically without the need for the HUD to be attached. Additionally, in Nanite Systems mode the indicator light above the fan will change color as your core temperature changes (Nanite SYstems combat units). The indicator light will change from green (safe operating temperature) to red (dangerously high operating temperature). The fan will automatically activate when the controller requires the fan to be in use and shut itself off once the core temperature has stabilized.

You can set the volume of the fan by editing the description of the Heat Regulator in Edit mode. This must be a decimal value between 0.0 and 1.0. It is fine to use this:


But this will cause an error:


You can change the core color while you are in Nanite Systems mode by using the HUD. Any color changes you make to the core while in this mode will be over-written the next time the controller sends a color message over the LightBus. If you have changed the core color but wish to return to the LightBus color without waiting for a new color message to be sent by the controller you can touch the temperature indicator light. This will send a request for the color to your controller and adjust the core color accordingly.


When you manually activate the fan it turns on pretty quickly. However, when you manually turn off the fan it takes roughly five seconds for the capacitors to drain and bring the fan blades to a stop. Allow the fan time to come to a stop. If you impatiently click the fan button over and over it may not shut down as expected.

Additionally, any Nanite Systems controller signals the fan receives will override and manual settings. This may cause the fan to deactivate or activate on its own. You can use the HUD button again to manually operate the fan.


If you have any trouble, questions or comments, please drop Jeanette Doobie a notecard (and not an IM as those can cap and get lost easily). I fully support this product, but it is still up to you to use it properly. Let me know if something doesn't work the way it should. ALWAYS make and use a backup of your item! If you get "creative" and mess it up, that's on you. Although I support the item contained in this kit, I do not support any products sold by other merchants. You will need to contact the creator if you need support for those.


Thank you again for checking out this SF::~JJ~ product. Come by Scarlet Fey and ~Jeanette's Joint~ for more excellent SL creations!

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I hope you love this product as much as we loved creating it!

All the best,

Scarlet and Jeanette

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  • Works with Nanite Systems LightBus
  • Changes core color via HUD or NS LightBus
  • Displays temperature condition using NS LightBus
  • Tintable version (via HUD) and battle-worn version included
  • Manual fan operation or NS-controlled fan operation

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