SHX-DMG Group Dance Machine Versão 2.1

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A region wide dance system, making use of two servers to make difference dances available for both male and female visitors.
The included copyable client can be rezzed everywhere in the same region and make use of the animations in the server.
The client has unique smooth dancing animated shadow images of a male and female.
Rez more then one set of servers to easily change dancing animations for a specific themed event.
Client is color changable, 14 preset color themes included. Texts can be turned off or on.

Group synchronization (everyone dances the same), male / female separated (for better specific dances)

* Features
- Group synchronization dancing
- Dance sequence can be set random or sequential
- Region wide system
- A server for male & female dance animations
- "Client" activation boards, in 200/210 model, but also a 2 prim Male or Female animation client included
- Rez as many clients you want, using the same animations in the servers
- Touch to dance / stop dancing (no menu)
- up to 30 dancers default per server, but has 20 extra scripts so you can add up to 50 dancers per server, for up to 100 dancers total
- No crosstalk: only works for the same owner and 36 channels selectable
- Using more server sets with preset animations makes it easy to switch dance styles fit for your event
- Update system
- Including SHX Kuler themes for custom coloring with one-click

Now includes the SHX-Rack:

* Statistics

- Size (l/w/h): [ resizeable ]
- Client Land impact: 1 to 4
- Server Land Impact: 1 (you need to rez 2 servers)
- Links: 1
- Client Timings: Minimum: 0.002 ms
Maximum: 0.002 ms
- Server Timings: Minimum: 0.025 ms
Maximum: 0.028 ms
- Memory: ~600Kb (30 dancers)
- Permissions: MODIFY / COPY / NO-TRANSFER

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Can't get help from Customer Support

Postado(s) 27/03/2020 por Keeblo 1 estrela

We set this up on our land and during every single event we have, people show up and tell us "we can't dance, it's not working". We've found that each time this happens, we have to manually reset the dance server and then all the sudden everyone is usually able to join in and dance after doing so.

We tried to proactively start resetting it before each event, but still people show up and it won't reliably work for everyone causing us to have to usually reset again.

We contacted SHX Customer Support and Saii himself more than 2 months ago and no fix has been offered. We were originally contacted back by the Customer Support person telling us their scripter would get back to us shortly, it never happened. We contacted them back again and Customer Support replied to us that their scripter was also not replying to them either and we should contact Saii directly (we already had and informed the Customer Support person about this).

More than 2 months later, we've never heard anything else from SHX and been offered no way to remedy this absolute and ongoing problem. It's unfortunate because if we didn't have to reset it constantly and randomly during each event we hold, it would otherwise be a great product. We waited 2+ months before leaving this review hoping to hear back.

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not buy this if you have already the other dance machine

Postado(s) 09/10/2019 por o0melia0o 1 estrela

when i have buy this i receive exactely the dance machine for female and male but not the group dance, so not buy this buy just the dance female / male this is useless and is exactely the same thing....

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