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(This kit contains all you'll ever need to join The Second Life Cheerleading Squad.)

The Second Life Cheerleading Squad is Second Life's premiere professional cheerleading squad and dance team. Our squad members are some of the most talented entertainers in Second Life and enjoy being part something that encourages teamwork and forges long-lasting friendships in a friendly sorority atmosphere. Our members learn perfectly synchronized dance routines and cheerleading stunts as well as customer and fan interaction preparation. If you feel like this appeals to you and you meet the requirements listed below, purchase this training kit and you will recieve all you will ever need to buy to become an SL Cheerleader. You will also be added to the Applicant Board, and one of our friendly trainers will then contact you for a short, "face-to-face" interview to verify you meet our requirements before being officially accepted into the training program. Your purchase specifically covers the Training Kit containing the uniform shoes and boots, and training cheerleading hud. Your purchase does not cover training or acceptance into the SLCS program in any way, that will be paid for by SLCS if you meet our requirements stated below.


White Cheerleading Shoes
Cheerleading Boots
Cheerleading Uniform
Dance Leotard
Workout/Sport Pants in 2 Colors
Workout/Sport Top
Plus the CheerMaster Synchronized Cheerleading V3 HUD with acrobatics
Session Notes for Training (Notes containing the curriculum of our 4 training classes, also shows how the HUD works)


All potential cheerleaders must:
* Purchase a Training Kit containing the items needed for SLCS Training
* Be at least 30 days old in SL age
* Have a normal, human, female avatar and be willing to partake in a makeover if requested
* Be able to attend a four 1 hour classes, each a week apart.
* Follow instruction well and work with teammates well (some translation available as needed)
* Typically be the type that signs on to SL at least 4 days a week
* Not have explicit or mature groups, picks or references/pictures in her profile
* Present themselves in an intelligent and friendly manner consistent with a Professional Cheerleader
* Go before a review panel at the end of their training for evaluation before final acceptance

Our members:
Although most members are American, we have squad members from all around the globe and we all get along well and have a great time together, which is what SLCS is all about, our main goal is to make sure our members are having fun, customers come second (shh that's a secret!). Some of our members have been with the squad since it started in 2007, and some have only been on SL for a few months or less but are advanced for their SL age. SLCS Cheerleaders are congenial and friendly, and present themselves in a professional and energetic manner typical of any professional cheerleader. We have around 20 members generally show up for any practice or event and 80 actively participating members. Some members make every event and practice, some make most. Some cheerleaders assist with operations by training applicants and existing cheerleaders, some help by creating new uniforms or workout clothes or animations while some just enjoy the fun and cheer. Several older members admit they would no longer be on Second Life if not for SLCS.

SLCS promote's new businesses and charities throughout SL by performing and hosting events either on location, or on SLCS grounds, and inviting the squad's largeVIP/Fan Group Member base to attend the event, and making sure all cheerleaders, visitors and fans are entertained, feel welcome and are having fun. If SLCS Squad Members are having fun and happy then the fans and event attendees have fun as a result.

We generally have one paying event every two weeks that lasts 1-2 hours or so. Cheerleaders typically make $100 - $400 an hour for performing and hosting at these events, depending on the event. SLCS also hosts and performs at various charity functions, once every month or so, and their time is donated at these events but not required, as attendance at any event or practice is rarely required, although missing too many events and practices will result in ejection from the squad after a review. Events are always fun and exciting.

SLCS has typically one Group Practice per week that lasts for 1 to 1.5 hours and are typically fun to attend. Practices are not required for all events but may be required to participate in specific events. Cheerleaders should try to attend all Group Practices whenever possible.

SLCS is geared towards fun and we hope you can come enjoy that experience with us!


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  • Trainee Cheerleading Uniform / Cheerleader Uniform
  • Cheerleader's Training Class Notes
  • CheerMaster V3 HUD (Beta Version)
  • Object to Rez to get placed on Applicant Board
  • Training kit entitles you to interview and setup in SLCS Cheerleader Training

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Probably the best I've seen

Postado(s) 22/03/2012 por valkyrie Twine 5 estrelas

I was leery about the price after trying some others on the market that left me disappointed. The SLCS hud turns out to be outstanding and made me a believer. Very lifelike and alot of fun. When all is said and done....this is a bargain and I have recommended this to all my friends.

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A Great Hud

Postado(s) 22/03/2012 por Tillie Haas 5 estrelas

This Hud makes me feel like a real Cheerleader, and its fun. Thanks

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