Salome design - Circus Tent

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Salome design – Circus Tent

The coolest circus tent in Second Life comes with a big tent and stage curtain connected with a dark tunnel to the backstage tent where artists can prepare themselves for the show. When they walk through the dark tunnel to the main tent, the curtain opens automatically and also close after entering the manege. I recommend to set the stage curtains to group or individual persons, so no one of the audience can click the curtain to open and close during the show. The effect for the audience is very nice, because the artists come from the dark into the manege.

The backstage tent also got a curtain which closes automatically and the main entrance for the audience too, but does not close automatically. (you can change auto on and off for all curtains, also door access.)

The manege got a 20 m diameter and the tent is several meters high, perfect for your aerial acrobatics. I decided not to add traverse or beams into it – leaving the space open for your ideas and stuff. Also there are no seats – it depends on you how you want to use it and for how big your audience is - add chairs, or benches or tribunes as you want.

Extras: circus sign with traverse for the entrance, 3 cute circus podests and a circus director podium (also here set access to group or owner or individual person) sit on the podium, there are two animations to choose and click the lower part of the podium et voilà it goes up into the air)

Please read below for the technical data and details:

Total: 174 land impact
Size total: 37 x 62 meters (main tent, backstage tent with tunnel)

Size main tent: 37 x 38.5 meters (you can also use just the main tent to save prims or space)

There are several linksets:
Main tent, backstage tent, circus sign with traverse, 3x circus podest, circus director podium, manege

Prim count in detail:
Main tent: 102 (incl. curtains and flags)
Backstage tent with dark tunnel: 22
Manege: 14
Each circus podest: 1
Circus director podium: 15
Circus sign with traverse: 18

The complete circus was made with regular, mesh and on the roof some sculpted prims to reduce prim count as much as possible. The circus is completely modify and copy – except scripts and animations – they are copy only.

If you want to change the flags, please get the cool free flags from TBF. They come with a flag template so you can create your own flag pattern. Here is the link:

Important: you can rez the circus inworld in my store before purchase.


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Salome design
Salome design
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Vendido por: Chantale Anatine
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This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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