SilverBell Modular Pier Set - (RageWorks) Versão v1

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Updated 7/5/2018, Improved LOD draw range to match add on pieces.

The SilverBell Pier is a modular set of interlocking pieces that lets you build out a custom pier of your choice. This set contains 7 pier pieces ranging from 1-4 LI, with 3 additional decor pieces for decorating.

All Items are copy/mod.

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Please Note, because this item is sold Copy/Mod, you may have access to edit actions which are not officially supported. Intended supported editing includes:

Enable/Disable Full Bright (all pieces)
Tint (all pieces)
Stretch/Scale (pier pylon)

Editing of items beyond the listed is not intended or supported and may change/break LODs and Land Impact counts. This package is sold as is.

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Postado(s) 16/03/2020 por OxfordLennox 2 estrelas

I thought whole parts in demo area were included (like stairs, corner pieces) in this set. There are many other nice sets for piers and I have chosen this and paid a little more since it is looking good. But I can't say it's modular. If you want it to be modular, you have to pay 400+400 more. Now I am trying to do my best with the pieces I have, denying to pay more. If I can't make it work with the piece of land i'll just delete it. I love his works but this is not "modular". All the pieces should be in this set, not as add-ons. Disappointing to see it after purchase. :/

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looks good, if you want only what is in the picture

Postado(s) 07/03/2020 por SalineDD 1 estrela

beyond making what is pictured its pretty useless. It needs middle extenders ( to make the end of the pier wider if you need) I attempted to just edit the pieces to make what I needed, however it won't work because the side railing is not adjustable that way. you can't even edit linked because it will take off more railing then needed. I am in search of something different

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