::Static:: Heart of the Void {Elder}

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Consume stars and planets with your black hole of a heart~

The void heart comes with a rigged cavity, unrigged asteroids, unrigged black hole/galaxy/stars attachment and two types of tattoos (flesh and black).

You MUST have a BoM enabled body to use this properly and have the texture mode on the body mesh set to masking for the included alpha to be visible.

• Maitreya
• eReborn
• Legacy F (with difficulty lol See below)
• Belleza Freya
• Belleza Jake

Unfortunately due to the no modify nature of Legacy bodies, the heart root mesh inside the body can't be removed and they provided no way I can find to do so, so it makes it difficult to fit to the female body (but I did it anyway) and everything I tried for the male Legacy just looked terrible, so I just omitted it. I wish I could do it for you guys, but I hope you can enjoy it in a size I could manage!



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Almost exactly what I was looking for!
full star full star full star full star full star Postado(s) 28/10/2023 por Sarma Martynov

The flat images don't do this thing justice. If you're going for an aethereal look, this is the exact touch that would give your character that "out of this realm" vibe in a big way. This is vibrant without being overly ostentatious, and adds a lot of detail value for the complexity buck.

My only (minor) nag is that (at the time of this review) there are no separate options for front and back. It is only both front *and* back despite all the thoracic "walls" being opaque from the inside. But there's no way I am removing a star just for that. I got what I paid for.

Also why am I the first to review this? I nearly never review things. But this is one of those times I really think somebody's work absolutely deserves some recognition!

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