Stratotech Containment Field System (boxed) Versão 1.0

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This is the Stratotech Containment Field System. It has been specifically designed for sci fi role play and is extremely easy to setup and use!

Here is a list of features for the system:

* - Sim-wide operation!
* - Menu-driven!
* - Contain one or more specific avatars in the region!
* - Intruder Alert mode contains all non-group members!
* - Compatible with the Stratotech Elite Forces Building Set, which has already been pre-configured with containment field prims in many of the pieces!
* - Automatically interfaces with the Elite Forces Brig module to contain escaped inmates and prevent their access to the system!
* - Fields automatically raise and lower depending on proximity of an avatar to be contained!
* - Field will automatically lower to allow group members to pass and accompany non-members through the field!
* - Multiple separate systems in the same sim by the same owner are supported!
* - Authentic sound effects!
* - User API's for interfacing your own scripts!

The system includes the following components:

* - Containment Field Control Server
* - Containment Field Menu Button
* - Containment Field Prim
* - Stratotech Containment Field System Scripts (boxed)
* - Containment Field System Redelivery/Update Certificate(rez to check for new updates or for redelivery)

Basic Setup:

Step One:

Rez one, and only one, of the Containment Field Control Server objects.

Step Two:

Rez one, or more, of the Containment Field Prim objects.

Step Three:

Size, position, and link the Containment Field Prims as needed. Then, set the scripts to running in them. The Containment Field Prims will change their textures and other prim parameters when the Containment Field System is activated.

Note: Set the Containment Field Control Server object's Group Name in the General Tab to designate which Group is permitted access to the menu system.

That's it! You're done! You now have a fully functioning Containment Field System!



  • Sim-wide Operation!
  • Menu-driven!
  • Contain specific avatars or non-group members!
  • Access Security!
  • Compatible with the Stratotech Elite Forces Building Set!

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