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This kit lets you set up Red versus Blue combat right out of the box. It includes planes and pistols that work using sensors not projectiles.

Totally safe for non-combat areas — bystanders are unaffected and can't even tell if they're shot at.

The Terra Combat System (TCS) Scoreboard lets you run Red vs Blue, sensor-based combat events. It is designed to work with any vehicle or gun that is equipped with the free TCS system (planes and pistols are also included).

* Hold team-based aerial dogfights.

* Stage multi-sim combat events.

* Include aircraft, ground, vehicles, artillery, and infantry — any TCS-enabled vehicle or gun.

Combat is not limited to the same region as the TCS Scoreboard. Once the battle begins, participants can take the combat anywhere on the grid -- mainland or private islands. This can lead to interesting combat innovations like assassination games or seek-and-destroy missions.

This kit includes:

* The scoreboard

* Sample TCS-enabled airplanes

* A TCS-enabled phaser pistol

* Instructions

With the parts included, you can start combat immediately. You can also get the basics TCS and avTCS script kits to adapt your own vehicles and avatar weapons for use with the TCS Scoreboard.

Stage your own battles!



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Cubey Terra: Terra Aeronautics
Cubey Terra: Terra Aeronautics
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