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Mermaid Ondine swims to The Muses selection with a colourful splash of water and a flash of fins.

Ondine is a bright, tropical wavedancer of warm waters and playful currents. Her fins are soft and round, enjoying fun in the sun and darting around in warm, soothing waters with a splash of laughter.

Ondine includes a rigged mesh tail in twelve different sizes, additional flexi fins for the illusion of movement, necessary alpha layer, glitch pants and a tail-pattern matching garment layer top.

The tail sizes include five for men as well, so all the mermen can enjoy the benefits of rigged mesh movement in deep sea diving. There might be pretty mermaids on the pictures, but all you need to do is ignore the top and pick one of the men’s sizes and you’re good to go. Good to swim.

If you wish to share how fantastic you look while wearing The Muses, please post your pictures to our Flickr Group.

Permissions are M,C,NT. L395 per colour, L2370 for the fatpack, twelve colours available. Please try the demo.

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  • contains both system, flexi and rigged mesh elements.
  • both male and female versions included.
  • 7 female sizes + alpha included.
  • 5 male sizes + alpha included.

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