The Real Disco Ball

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New for 2018

The Real Disco Ball

The ICONIC all-time classic disco ball with mirrors reflecting light, for all your celebrations!
Holidays, New Year, Birthday, Wedding reception, Party with friends, ANY festive occasion :)
Or, why not, just a romantic night at home, dancing with your love

Handmade design accurate to time, with all its "imperfections",
so that it looks and feels exactly like in real life

Easy to use, just rez at the center of room, and touch (click) for options.
3 Levels of light (intensity),
- One really low for romantic moments, slow dancing,
- One medium (normal) level ideal for most size rooms, sunset or night, and last,
- One very high (max) that is not really recommended for home use, except maybe if daylight,
( may be better for big size ballrooms, clubs, public places with big dancefloors.)

PERMISSIONS: Prims are Copy & Modify (you can stretch make larger/smaller). Script is Copy.

LAND IMPACT: Varies with size as with all mesh designs, default is just 3

AREA COVERED: Light effects are covering approx 50x50m max per 1 disco ball unit.


This mirror ball, recreates the rotating LIGHT REFLECTIONS on everything in the room:
walls, furnitures, avatars, everything - exactly like a disco ball in real life.
Everything, except textures set to "full bright" (as they are meant to remain unaffected by lights in SL)

To fully enjoy the lighting effects, Advanced Lighting Model is required.
You can ENABLE in your viewer Graphics settings > Advanced > Check ALD

Please visit our sim, where you CAN see live, before you buy

Truly hope you like, and ENJOY in all your celebrations and events


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  • Ultra low land impact
  • Dazzling effect, loks real, feels real
  • Full auto mode, just click on it

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Amazing wonderful creation & very realistic!

Postado(s) 08/03/2020 por RazorZ 5 estrelas

Ideal for most clubs, it really gives real world effect! Good menu system and clear text in local chat to tell you the setting, owner only sees it. I also used recently to test materials & shine / specularity on mesh. Of course better with higher graphics settings etc.. Well done, nice work!

Looks great and beautiful

Postado(s) 11/10/2019 por WallaGo Dingson 5 estrelas

Great quality, Works great


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Real Waves Tropical Beach foam landscaping & Neon lights signs
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