Total War Romulan Spawner Versão 2000

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Total War Romulan Spawner is the perfect tool for your roleplay game. It's Total war fully compatible.Once placed the Outpost works as a "Romulan Rezzer" and it will generate some creatures (Enemy N.P.C.), and if you want, it will appear on real time War Map, accessible by Total War hud.
The max number of Romulans at same time is programmable from 1 to max 5.
It is possible to set the "generator" in auto standby.If "on" it will work only when there is people around it, if"off" it will work always and the Romulans will be always around.

Money giving option (great for events and traffic):you can give money everytime someone kills an enemy! You can decide how many Linden is given every kills, you can set different amounts for group members, put a maximum limit of money to give, and decide that players will not receive any money after a certain number of deaths for a specified period of time.

A Total War giver is included in the pack (Total War is for free).
You can find a complete hunter guide on our web site.

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