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Jonathan 2.0 lives! April 10th, 2017

To view the full list of changes and improvements, please visit the facebook page below!

WARNING: ~!@(!!(!!(~~~(!!(!
Jonathan 2.0 is NOT compatible with most of the original Jonathan content. We will be updating the other outfits in the future!

-Mesh Body and Head (copy/mod)
-Bento Hands
-Hair x2 + Hair base
Underwear (Clean/dirty)
Jean Shorts (Clean/dirty)
T-Shirts x5
Glasses (clear, tinted, and glowy versions)
Sandals w/ socks
Anime Convention Pass
Texture images - Full Permission, for modding.

Skin textures (Dark/Light)
Facial hair
Full Body Hair
Hand Gesture buttons

-Requires custom clothing and textures
-Some shape sliders aren't compatible.

AO Recommendation:

Special thanks to our Patreon supporters and beta testers!



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Review from an IRL fat guy

Postado(s) 14/12/2020 por Zed Frakture 5 estrelas

I wanted to represent my body type, 350+lbs in Second Life, and doing some shopping around, Jonathan 2.1 was clearly the best choice, and at the current price, very good value for the money. Customization possibilities were limited but the price-to-quality ratio was outstanding.

Jonathan naked! Yes this reasonably approaches how a 350lbs guy looks underneath the clothes. Belly is a bit droopy but my guess is he doesn't work out much :) Point of criticism is that his thighs are relatively thick (feminine trait) and his belly by comparison relatively flat. He has a bit of a feminine pear shape as opposed to a masculine apple shape of a sumo-round abdomen.

Sumo. If you want to, please make a Japanese featured head with the characteristc hairdo, a mawashi loincloth and paulownia wood two-tooth geta. That would be world class, his body type is right for a sumotori, If you make a sumo package deal I'm pretty sure it would sell. There is a mixed-arts fighting subculture in SL and being able to enter an impressive Sumotori would be great. Theres a fair Japanese SL presence and I'm sure they'd appreciate.

Lets put some clothes back on Jonathan! What little clothes there are is compensated by the fact that you can retexture them at will, including with logos and text if you have that skill. This allows for high customization.

Jonathan is not perfect but for the price there is excellent value.

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Postado(s) 24/03/2020 por MrJooZz 5 estrelas

Very well.

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