{what next} Vacanza Wearable Scooter - Special Edition (boxed)

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The Vacanza Wearable Scooter can be ridden anywhere as it's an attachment! The Special Edition Set features designs on the body paintwork. See related products for the plain colour Sets 1 & 2.

- wearable version worn with a Driving HUD - 5 speeds, sound FX, light and horn (sound/light on off )

- custom Bento animations / for male or female adult sizes. . Includes two versions - men's scooter (for male/larger avatars) and women's scooter for female smaller animations). Some adjustment may be necessary depending on your avatar size/shape.

- texture-change HUD with 18 designs to choose from - also options to change the license plate and seat cover.

- includes an additional decor only version to rez (6LI)

- blank license plate texture included for you to customise (building skill and use of graphics software required)

- original mesh

- copy/mod (scripts, animations, HUD are no mod)


The scooter is designed to be worn on the left foot in a regular position with the ankle free to bend - and animations designed so that the whole body can be animated on the bike in a more realistic way that you wouldn't get if the scooter is attached to the pelvis and permanently in a fixed seated position. If isn't attaching correctly (see the diagram pictures on the right it could be conflicting with ankle locks/female mesh tiptoe feet) - see the instructions below on what to do:

1. IMPORTANT: before attaching :

Turn off any AOs (animations over-riders), ankle
locks - and extra HUDs such as ankle-lock, eye, body, head, head animations HUDs before attaching your scooter.

Your scooter WILL NOT attach correctly (see the attached diagram in the picture on this listing) - if you have any ankle lock HUD on on or ankle lock setting on in a mesh body HUD. So it's important to make sure they're unattached before wearing your scooter/adjusting it.

2. The scooter should be a near perfect fit on first attaching, if it's tilted, you probably have an ankle lock on (or either an ankle lock HUD or a mesh body HUD attached - remove those - see above) or it's conflicting with the female mesh body tiptoe/high feet positions . Do not adjust the scooter in that position, detach it.

3. Start with a new copy of the scooter (not one you've adjusted or worn before - very important)

4. Reset your skeleton animations - depending on which viewer you use:

* Right click on your avatar and on the menu you'll see Reset Skeleton & Animations - click that.

* Under the top pull-down menus Avatar/Avatar Health/ there are two selections: Stop Avatar Animations and Stop Avatar Animations & Revoke Permissions, click those and also Refresh Attachments
* To reset the skeleton - Right click on your name tag for the menu/Appearance/Reset/Skeleton and also Reset/Skel. & Anim

5. Add the driving HUD first and then the scooter - both must be worn together to drive.

6. A backup copy of the scooter is included and new copies can be redelivered from any vendor in our mainstore or from your Marketplace account.

7. For more help or questions with this product, please contact FrankLee Anatra by notecard.

Thank you!
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Thank you for reading this listing!.

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  • wearable scooter
  • must be worn with driving HUD
  • 5 speeds, sound FX, light on off, horn
  • texture change HUD included
  • original mesh & custom bento animations

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Postado(s) 14/01/2022 por Minji Starling 5 estrelas

for me living on bellisseria its the perfect solution having those wearables
got also the canoe and bicycle no more gaps in my life thank you creator !

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The previous reviewer doesn't know what she is talking about.

Postado(s) 07/01/2022 por megacrazyturtle 5 estrelas

All you need to do is rez down the unboxer onto the ground and unpack it so that some items that are non-copy or left unattended by the creators can be transferred to the inventory correctly. This includes unpacking the AO and turning off your other AOs to make this product work effortlessly. Me and my partner have no complaints with this product what-so-ever. This is easily one of the best wearable vehicles created, I give a solid 5/5. Please do not leave bad reviews because you do not know how to unpack properly.

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