Vendido por: Loa Ravenhurst
entrou: 09/08/2011

What you see is what you get, meaning the pics of the vendors are non edited with Photoshop, the silhouettes have been just cut out and pasted on the background layer.

Regarding shapes, too look exactly as pictured you just have to follow the instructions of the notecard given with every pack.



Lack of demos in shapes due to copybot, sorry u.u

Please, before modifying your shape or BrowFixers, make a copy of the original in case something goes wrong!

All the shapes in the store are copy/modify/no transfer, so no refunds will be given except for double purchases (both of course with the same receiver).

For products with demo available, try it first!

Thanks enjoy your SL time! ^^

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L$0 – L$10135010

L$11 – L$1001811100

L$101 – L$500174101500

L$501 – L$1.0004075011000

L$1.001 – L$5.0005610015000

Acima L$5.00105001


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