★ Curious Kitties Shop ★
★ Curious Kitties Shop ★
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Are you a Curious Kitty?

Curious Kitties Shop, based in Tokyo has offered original style cute & sexy fashion in gothic, punk, lolita, cyber, Japanese visual kei design since 2004.

There are several sections to the shop, such as: Accessories, Full Outfit, Hair, Skin / Body, Footwear, Furry, Clothing & relaxation areas.

We have a huge variety of recommended products such as fantasy elf avatar sets, mermaid avatar sets, vampire & human avatar sets, cyborg sets, dresses, makeup, boots, heels, necklaces, corsets, chokers, bracelets, kitty ear hats & collars.

Almost daily new item releases! Be sure to check out the official blog:


Or our update group: =^.^= Curious Kitties Update Group Here:


=^.^= Curious Kitties Update Group enables you to grab Curious Kitties high quality limited edition group gifts for free once a week.

*Curious Kitties mainly carries Womens & Unisex products, however you can also find a large selection of Mens items at Curious Kitties Mister.


For support contact Morbidia Marchant (morbidia.marchant) Display name: Curious Kitties Support

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