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TRS designs brings you quality fashion at great prices
If you have any enqurires or problems message me Inworld ( Amethestpearl Resident) if I don't reply within 12 hours message me again
New Store Location as of 26 September 2018

Single item/ Fatpacks upgrade to Hud.
Due to requests I have remade them into huds as New Products. If you want to upgrade to Hud please contact me, it may cost you depending what you paid ex 99L item you pay 100L which is the price difference.

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*All items are
No Mod
No Trans
Unless stated otherwise
*No Refunds unless double purchase
*If you have any problems please message me I will reply as soon as I can
*If you don't get the delivery , loose it whatever just message me and I will send you a new copy

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