[Neurolab Inc.] Fashion / Cyber (Mesh & More)
[Neurolab Inc.] Fashion / Cyber (Mesh & More)
Vendido por: ono Zinner
entrou: 14/11/2006

Neurolab Inc. Luxury Products

Since 2006 (Made in France)

Casual • Fashion • Cyber • CyberPunk • Avant garde

MESH & Stuff for Second life

100% Original Content

☑ No customs.
☑ No Transfer, No Refund.
☑ Need help, suggest or questions
see my in-world Profil please.

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- NO REFUNDS : All items are sold with copy/no trans permissions and cannot be returned

- HELP : Please read the note included with items before ask a question

- USE REDELIVER Terminal at our MainStore

(Comments are not made to ask for help or a request to add something to a product! please send us a notecard for that!)

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