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Holloway Beauty
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1-The photo of our shapes and Makeup are made at a maximum zoom of 0.09 in the view angle tab.
so that there is no distortion of your avatar's face.
We suggest that when customizing or photographing your avatar, use the indicated zoom.
Zoom 0.09 is not recommended for walking inside secondlife...reason: it is too close and on top of the avatar, preventing you from seeing everything around you.

2-Use everything I indicated in the style card to obtain a satisfactory result.

3-even if you don't intend to buy everything I indicated on the style card, use the zoom and you will see that it will improve 99% of your appearance.

* The Holloway Beauty Company has a policy of NOT using photoshop in our vendors. Whether in shape or makeup
Precisely so as not to cause confusion and deception to our customers.


It is highly recommended that you demo the product before your purchase.
-All of our items are no transfer/no modification/copy.
-We have a strong NO REFUND or EXCHANGE
policy and only double purchases
with proof of payment will be refunded.
-Please always check compatibility...At the moment I only work for EVOX.

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