Rainbow Unicorn Fart
Rainbow Unicorn Fart
Vendido por: Ruby Fae
entrou: 18/11/2015

Thank you for your interest in RUF! I am a disabled game artist just trying to get by. My specialty is mesh and I enjoy making avatars and parts for others to enjoy. If you have a feature you would like to see from my products, please contact me in world. Feedback is always good!

I do not take commissions


-NO refunds for wrongfully purchased items. Please read the descriptions of each listing. (you can contact me if there is a double purchase or an item does not work as described)
-Do not STEAL items or textures to use for anything other than they were intended on SL.
-You are ENCOURAGED to make and sell mods for any RUF-made mesh! (and use them in your listing images)

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