Second Pets Breedable Pets
Second Pets Breedable Pets
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entrou: 25/05/2011

Second Pets™ sells lifelike and breedable virtual fish for the Second Life® grid. Land is required for Second Pets™ fishes.

Second Pets™ Fish swim around in their tank or pond realistically.

The introductory fish will be Koi in Blue, Green, Orange, Red colors. Additional colors and species will be available soon. The introductory fish swim only in their tank. Fish will swim in Linden Water soon.

All introductory fish will be eligible for upgrade. Upgrades of Second Pets™ fishes will always be free.


All Second Pets™ fishes are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Fishes or eggs must be returned to take advantage of our guarantee. Contact SecondPets Resident with a notecarde in world if you need help.

Second Pets™ fishes and accessories are protected by international copyright law. You may not copy any of Second Pets products, advertising, or graphics.

Second Pets™ reserves the right to make ch

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