Tin Teddy by Elgyfu Wishbringer
Tin Teddy by Elgyfu Wishbringer
Vendido por: Elgyfu Wishbringer
entrou: 25/11/2004

Texture artist, prefab builder, plant maker, 'Egyptian Stuff Lady' and harmless nutter.

Feel free to 'friend me' if you are trying to catch me with a question. I take customer service very seriously and am always happy to chat with you :-)


I believe very strongly in customer service and welcome your comments etc. If my IMs get capped then they go to my email, I will still get them! Or you can email me directly on elgyfu@tinteddy.com, or speak to me on Skype ( I am Elgyfu there too).
I am always happy to answer any questions or help you. Please feel free to 'friend' me if you want to catch me online. I never set to busy or go af

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