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Sold by: Marina Ramer
Joined: May 14, 2008

Aphrodite Shop sells over 3500 products on many categories. Visiting our store you will find absolutely everything that you may need for your SL. From furniture, tables served, parties, deco items, holidays products, houses, seasonal products and more. We specialize on family RP and kids/baby products, weddings, tables served, food & drinks and more. We take custom orders

We have some of the most luxurious and sensuous experiences available, as well as some of the finest gifts you can buy. Most items in the store are transfer for easy gifting, unless they are clearly marked otherwise, but you can easily gift those as well through MP here or a request to Marina Ramer. Lavish the special people in your life with the best luxuries in SL--let them know how much they mean to you! Pamper yourself when you get home from work, fatigued and mentally exhausted--you deserve it!

Visit Aphrodite's to view all products in world.
Let us know what you think of our products--is there anything you'd like to see? Send us a note, write a review--we'd love to hear from you! We really appreciate our customers! We own also a VIP group which includes an exciting group chat with the creators, whenever new items are released & special discounts

If you are member you will get free expensive gifts every week for you just for stay signed in our VIP group!

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Follow us on FB! We have exclusive gifts not on sale only for FB likers: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aphrodite-Shop/594394047278890
For a franchise, contact Marina Ramer. Only she can give authorization for any resale of Aphrodite's products; all terms of resale agreements must be subject to her express approval and any resale without prior authorization by her will be duly reported to Linden Labs as a violation of the Terms of Service.


* Problem? send us a NOTE with transaction on it .* I do NOT refund or resend Transfer items under ANY circumstance if you dint got it from Market, please complain to them. If the product says correctly delivered to me I cannot know if you really didnt got it because a sl glitch or if you want an extra one for an alt or som else so be reasonable! * Copy items we only refund if you bought twice sam

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