Anam Cara Designs
Vendido por: Stormm Firecaster
entrou: 31/05/2009

{ACD} was founded in 2010 and offers a diverse selection of items ranging from it's popular baby girl & kawaii items to more elegant & casual designs.
Whether it's a single item or a full set of furniture, everything will always be built with love & priced affordably because it should never cost a fortune for comfort & style.

Thank you for allowing {ACD} Anam Cara Designs to help you create the feeling of home in Second Life.


Always send an IM if I'm not online, it goes to email (I don't hide my status) & send a note card if I am online but AFK just in case I crash (make sure to add your transaction details & a brief description of the problem to both. Give 48 hours for a response please.

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