Vendido por: Nyx Bayn
entrou: 20/09/2009

All older sets have been retired and will only be available via the remaining inventory sets.

Must have basic knowledge of Photoshop or GIMP to edit PSD files.

All PSD files are done with separate layers and ungrouped for easy editing.

All templates are inworld and in the download in older sets and packs. Only templates are provided inworld in newer sets - PSD download link provided via notecard in Second Life.

Some of the older templates sets (in the inventory packs mentioned) do NOT have inworld templates and some have NO PSD downloads. Some sets are digital download ONLY, no inworld templates. Please read all descriptions and images carefully before purchasing! If purchasing and older template set or pack, must be able to open zipped .rar files. Free programs are available online. Just Google. If the set is newer, it's not needed.

My work isn't perfect, but I do my best. I'm a busy mom of 4, take care of my disabled husband and work with a digital marketing company in RL. I enjoy my time in SL (when I get it) and I love to create.

If you aren't happy with a product...I'm truly sorry. Please take the time to contact me first instead of bashing me in the reviews. There may be a fix to the problem. Communication is important!

OR contact via email (it's the quickest way to reach me) at nyxbayn@gmail.com

Please read the "Policies" section before purchasing.


All template sales are final - items are full permissions. NO refunds unless accidental double purchase is made.

Templates or PSD may not ever be resold, shared or given away. No excuses.

Must be able to download PSD from OneDrive. Please, check your anti-virus and firewall settings.

DO NOT use in or out of of other virtual grids without permissions.


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