Sooden Ren
Sooden Ren
Joined: July 10, 2006

Been with seconflife since 2006 and still have the same passion to create things :)

I did take brake from 2016-2017, after losing my sim and years of work, but that was a strange year for a lot of people.

Back now and working my way up from the bottom again :P

Currently we do not have a main Sim or main store, best to look though my SL marketplace every now and again to see whats new.


Our product promise:
We will never sell you products which infringe on copyrights.

We will never sell you meshes which can be found for free on the internet (if you think we have, our work may have been stolen and would be very interested in any information)

We will never intentionally misrepresent a product description, if we have it's most likely a mistake and we will correct the issue.

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