~Heartland Home's & Decor ~
~Heartland Home's & Decor ~
Sold by: wolferotica Redrose
Joined: May 23, 2010

~Heartland Home's & Décor ~ is me re inventing myself after all these years in game and finally doing something that I truly LOVE Building homes and making things for your home... This is why I have two different names in my listings "Heartland Farm's" and "Heartland Home's and Décor" sorry for any confusion this might of cause you...

~I've been building since I started SL over 8 omg years ago.. but it has always been custom projects or just for myself. well, I've been told I need to get my stuff out there for you all to see so here is me... shitin' or getting off the pot...so here I am *waves* lol

~ I hope you enjoy my homes and décor ideas... I would like to Thank you in advance for your wonderful support

Yours Truly,


►Customer Support (english): via im in world to wolferotica.redrose
►Since all items are sold with copy permissions, no refunds can be granted.
►Read carefully the Terms of Use of full perm sculpts & mesh before buying.
►Item not delivered? Send an im in world to wolferotica redrose for support.
►Purchase is final.
►To buy as a GIFT please use the gift options on either MP or in world st

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