aDiva  By AnneJoy Paine
aDiva By AnneJoy Paine
Vendido por: AnneJoy Paine
entrou: 03/02/2007

Digital Artistry. All textures, folds, wrinkles and shades are handmade. So you are simply unique, wearing one of my designs.
Meshes are unique as well. NO full perm, NO other things which are not created by myself ^^


Store Policy:

All items are copy. Prims or meshes which need to be resizeable are either modify or contain a resize script NO TRANSFER!

If an exact double purchase is made within 24 hours, you will get the option to choose another item for that amount from the store, or get refunded.Please attach to your notecard a copy of both transactions. And send them to Annejoy Paine

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