Label Motion
Label Motion
Sold by: anne Dakun
Joined: July 13, 2010

Label Motion is a Second Life pose store which opened in 2010. The goal of this store is to offer high quality static poses. Label Motion offers different options when buying. Fatpacks include a total of 6 static poses in most cases (sometimes a fatpack includes less than 6 poses - in that case the price is lower), a pose-stand which you can rezz everywhere where it is allowed, and a pose-hud that you can wear and use anywhere where scripts are allowed for your maximum comfort. You can try all the DEMOs at Label Motion main store before buying. Contact Anne Dakun via NoteCard if you have any question. Thank you for your support dear customers!


-All packs are NO TRANSFER. No exchange, and no refunds. Only double purchases will be refunded. Thank you for understanding ♥

-If you don't receive your purchase, send me a notecard with the date/number of purchase transaction and I will resend you the items ASAP ♥

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