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Hiya and thank you for taking your time and looking at me store :)
Im just starting out in making clothing in sl..i myself love fashion and anything imaginable there for i finaly got to learn how to make things.
There will be alot of exciting clothing oppions and more! my best friends helped me make it this far lets see how far it will show off!
So please enjoy the jeans,leggings,shirts,and more to come! <3


If you have any problems with your delivery please let me know via Notecard to Bubblespassion or Bubblesbloodpassion and it will be handled right away!
if you have any quetions abotu where something came from (hair,accessoires,ect.) cheak out my blog :)
if it isnt there pleae message me and ill send u think link or landmaker as soon as i can :)


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