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CHICA BOOM got started by me making clothes for my avatar. I had a lot of trouble finding men's clothes I would like to wear so I started creating my own and realized I had a knack for this. My female friends saw this and started putting in custom orders and then gave me the idea of opening a woman's fashion store and thus CHICA BOOM was born. I am trying to create a style that is sensual rather than in your face sex, one that exudes class over pretense and gives dignity to the lady wearing it. My inspiration comes from my hometown of Miami Beach Florida where I am trying to infuse the energy, passion and fun vibrancy I see in the boutiques and quite frankly on the women I see on the street each day. I truly enjoy making clothes and strive to hand make everything whenever feasible so when you buy an item from my store you wont "see yourself coming and going" when you are out and about on the grid. My sincerest hope is you enjoy wearing these items as much as I enjoy producing them!

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