Mitsuko Kytori
Mitsuko Kytori
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Hayabusa Design

Shop dedicated to provide our best effort in design
Natural Object : Tree, Plant, Shrub, Flower, Natural Sculpture, Organic Design, Landscape, House and so one
Avatar : Skin, Eye and Full Perm Outfit

Avatar merit the best and Nature is an art.

----------- Services ----------
We are here to ensure you about a real service and help.
Please, we prefer note card because it is more reliable than instant message (im).

We sell many class of product :
* plant, tree, natural object,
* skin, shape, eyes,
* special creation: as house, club, shop and artistic object.
For each product class, we can provide support for customization.
Please read below the details of available services :
* plant, tree, natural object : change texture or change form : trunk and foliage form. We are alone in Second Life able to provide this service.
Keep in mind, trees for example, are size modify by menu, so you can change size by yourself easily.
* skins, eyes : all you can imagine
* shapes : help to modify, shape are modify, so we can just assist to help
* special creation : only texture change if object is not available in modify mode.

Please : keep in mind customization take time and is not free.

by Mitsuko Kytori and Motoko Oanomochi


---------- Copyright © protected ----------
These are original works and were made to be enjoyed within Second Life® only.
By purchasing Hayabusa Design work you agree to the following terms of use:
-Hayabusa Design- work MAY NOT be redistributed or made publicly available for download.
-Hayabusa Design- work MAY NOT be used as derivative work.

Services and support provide by : Mitsuko

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