Vendido por: Celena Galli
entrou: 27/02/2008

Phedora. (formerly Keem) Εstablished on 2013 and was renamed "Phedora" in 2015. © All Rights Reserved ♥ Phedora is a virtual/mesh brand in Second Life offering you the best quality and the latest fashion in shoes, clothing, lingerie and accessories! Be Unique..Be Phedora!


•You get a refund ONLY if you buy the SAME item twice by mistake and the item is no copy. Please send a notecard to nikidemonix with your FULL SL NAME and the transaction details (you can find these on the Second Life website under my account > transaction history) telling me if you want an exchange or a refund for the double purchase and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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