[Maple] Toddledoo Clothing.
Sold by: Izabella Dartmouth
Joined: July 26, 2010

clothing, accessories, footwear, bodyshop, and more made for toddledoo kid & baby avatars only. Stop by our in-world store as well as our many in-world events today! :) <3

High Quality Mesh & Textures.
Great Customer Service.

Looking to blog for Maple?
Just message Kairi Marie Davros or Izabella Puissant
Kairi FB: https://www.facebook.com/aseya.bibi.9?fref=ts
Bella FB: https://www.facebook.com/izabella.puissant
No Application, All will be accepted.
We do "Blogger Appreciate/Work Incentives"
Once a month we chose 1 blogger from our maple team to showcase as our "Blogger Of The Month" where said blogger recieves a payment of $1500L and we use they're lastest blog post as our fb pages banner for the month as well as the header on our webpage. so free advertising for your blog for 30 days!
We do however boot bloggers who do not put out a blog of our latest items withing 12 days of recieving it if you have not already completed your 3 month trial and you have to take a lengthly step up from blogging you will be added to our *MIA* tag for 1 month before loosing our postition. where you will not recieve group messages or access to past notices until your ready to go back to blogging.
If this all sounds more then fair to you then you'd make an excellent addition to our team! <3 :)

Happy Shopping <3
& thank you so much for taking interest in our brand!

Go Canada!


We do not give out items
If you did not recieve an item feel free to visit the mainstore and hit the redilvery terminal and recieve your lost item that way.
If you purchase a duplicate item just send the store owner (Bella Puissant) a notecard with our detailed transaction history and you will be refunded for your duplicate purchase.

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