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Joined: August 28, 2008

Etchaflesh Clothing was founded in 2011 and is owned by Shaodie Parx. No other individual in world, or out, has the authorization to represent the Etchaflesh brand. Please report any other individuals distributing the Etchaflesh brand.

With the current limitations of rigged mesh, it's unfortunate that I can not make it fit everyone. Demos are provided to ensure proper fit before you purchase the item. Some items will now come with "Fitted" mesh. Fitted Mesh conforms to your avatars shape. This is still new to SL and you need a viewer that supports fitted mesh to view it properly.

Any marketplace reviews that are left on my products are legit. Sadly Linden Labs is allowing people to game the marketplace by using "reward for review" services. This is why you will find alot of products by other merchants now have 100+ reviews.


NO REFUNDS on no transfer items.

If it is a MESH item, please try the DEMO before you buy. DEMOs are provided for you to test the fit of this product with no cost to you.

Refunds will NOT be issued because you made a purchase without trying the demo version. TRY THE DEMOS FIRST!!!!

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