Paris METRO Couture
Paris METRO Couture
Sold by: RFB Morpork
Joined: July 10, 2008

Creative beautiful apparel and accessories in formal, casual and shoe designs. We design for Classic Avatars and the most popular mesh body fittings. Based in Paris Couture, France our store is four floors of the latest in runway couture. Our Collector's are the best dressed in SL.
All apparel designs are creations by RFB Morpork & Paris Zsun, a designer and fine artist of apparel and other useful beautiful things.
The Artist Series Collection
Special gifts are made in honor of the artist to promote to groups in Second Life and to use as a form of advertising to generate broader traffic to the Gallery. An example of such promotions can be viewed from past exhibits at Paris Metro Couture in Paris France known as the "Artist Series". Every gown or design embodies some of the exhibiting artist's work with 50% of all sales sent directly to the Artist at the time of purchase. These gowns enable Paris Metro Art Gallery to maintain and continue to bring great talent and events to Second Life. This work allows Paris Metro Art Gallery to announce to Fashion groups and other Collectors.

Paris METRO Couture: Black White & Red Fashion

Paris METRO Couture: Spring Fashions with Orig Song by Lisa Brune

Paris METRO Couture: Dance Casual

These are the about the Paris METRO Art Gallery, a gallery that is funded by Paris METRO Couture. There have been over 50 artist provided space to express their vision one month at a time. The following videos are a tiny sample of the extraordinary talent of virtual art. We have openings featuring them, with live performances in music and dance. This area is a joy and a blessing to be a part of.

Paris METRO Art Gallery:


Paris METRO Couture's goal is to always seek opportunity found on the horizon so that we may share this with you, concentrating our resources to develop unique original designs that offer the highest level of service, finest products and lasting memorable experience. We offer a full refund of purchased price with transaction sales report sent to RFB Morpork on a notecard inworld if not 100% satisf

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