Barely Legal Couture
Sold by: AdrenalynnRush
Joined: January 29, 2012

We specialize in creating fashion to fit your lifestyle and taste. AdrenalynnRush, creator and owner of Rush & Co/Barely Legal Couture, has had years of experience across Second Life. She is a former role playing mentor and designer of high quality role play fashion. Please feel free to contact her via Note Card due to the high volume of IM's she gets daily. She is down to earth, and will answer any questions you may have on the products she creates.


Barely Legal Couture & Boutique does not offer refunds on any items unless there is a specific flaw in the design itself and therefore obvious. We consider individual cases, however it's not made a habit and it depends on the individual situation. We do not offer exchanges because obviously we have no way of knowing if the previous item is dissolved.

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