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* Fairy (Mc4.1) live for 6 months.
* Some very rare fairies will live forever.
* Fairy do not need a male to mate with to have an egg. It's magic!
* Fairy need to be 3 days old before they have their first egg.
* Fairy can have 1 egg every 3 days.
* Different items enable your fairy to have better chances of having eggs.
* Fairy must be within range their food. (See range settings)
* Fairy will fly a default distance of 5 meters from their birth site.(You can set the ranges higher.)
* Eggs that your fairy breeds will hatch in 5 minutes.
* Fairy can be set to breed or not breed.
* Fairy ranges can be set to 1,2,3,4,5, or 10 meters.
* Fairy can fly around without collisions (phantom) (Physical movement is coming soon)
* Fairu can lay eggs when they are attached to you.
* Fairy can eat when they are attached to you.
* Fairy can roam around.
* You can set a fairy's home.
* Fairy respect sim boundaries.
* You can name your fairy.
* You can turn status hovertext on or off.


Fairy Breedable( Mc4.1) are back and begins to create and Sell the most beautiful and rare !

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